How to NFT / oil painting


Step 1
Send an image to with the following information:
Which style should be applied, if we should create a NFT, or a painting (which size), or both,
and which payment option you would like: bank transfer, cryptocurrencies in coinbase / bit2me, paypal

Step 2
You will receive an email from us with an offer, in order to make the first payment of 50%

Step 3
We'll produce the NFT / oil painting , send to you the proof of work, so you can make the second payment of the remaining 50%

Step 4
We'll send, to your digital wallet the NFT , the painting with a profesional transport agency

We normally answer, Monday to Friday, any request within 48h

Specific blockchain computing costs, VAT and transport costs are detailed in the offer

Send an email to if you have any questions »